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Customization and automation

### Customization and automation - No code automation, N8N, Zapier - Low code application development with JavaScript engine and form

📄️ Low code application development with JavaScript engine and form is a low-code application development platform that allows users to create custom apps using a built-in JavaScript engine and drag-and-drop forms. The apps can be triggered manually by the user or automatically by adding them to a column in a Kanban and setting an event trigger. The apps can also interact with external applications through HTTP APIs and can be published to an organization or the app store for others to use. The platform provides a user-friendly and efficient way to develop and deploy custom applications.

📄️ No code automation, N8N Zapier allows users to automate tasks using n8n or Zapier. By adding this automation to a column or executing them manually, the automation tasks can be triggered and the task details can be sent to thousands of third-party applications. This streamlines task and ticket processing, making it more efficient and reducing the need for manual intervention. The automation can be set up in a way that it can be triggered by events, such as a change in a column in a Kanban board or a specific date and time, providing a powerful and flexible way to automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity.